We strive for excellence and try to create unique collections to correspond to your extraordinary passions. Never settle for average and allow GLAMIRA to lead you through the world of utmost fashionable and fine jewellery.


You don’t have to settle for a single look on your ring anymore! GLAMIRA offers you the opportunity to use your ring in two different styles. All you have to do is unfold and modify your ring to the side you prefer. Go beyond the ordinary & browse our collection of delicately designed dual-use rings.


One of nature’s greatest and oldest miracles, pearls have been fascinating women for centuries. Precisely collected from qualified sources, GLAMIRA brings you the best you can get. View our Pearl collection and treat yourself to an exquisite piece.


Turning heads by its durable, washable and glossy finish, enamel has certainly been one of the latest trends decorating jewellery. A perfect blend of modern and traditional makes enamel an indispensable feature and GLAMIRA has brought to you a splendid collection to browse through.

Dreamy Hues

All the dreams you want to last forever are captured in beautiful hues of sapphire. You'll be the sweet dream that everyone will remember. Dreamy Hues Collection has all it takes to be unique and memorable.


A new breath to the world of jewellery by the amalgamation of traditional designs with modern aesthetics. Made with wire mesh by leaving gaps between the wires, fusion jewellery is a work of fine craftmanship.

Black Touch

Break the monotony by aesthetic looks and rarity through this excellent plating, crafted to perfection and to meet your expectations. Explore the unique and fashionable Black Touch Collection consisting of varieties, suitable for any taste.

Animal Collection

Glamira's meticulous craftsmanship combined the most iconic animal figures with precious stones and metals. Experience now the powerful spirit of nature in jewellery fashion and enjoy the privilege of standing out with authentic designs!

Organic Design Collection

Organic Design Collection brings a new perspective to jewellery fashion with its original presentation. Complete your look with these uniquely crafted pieces that fit any style. Go one step beyond the ordinary and discover the magnificent effect of pure metal form!

Influencers X GLAMIRA

The eye-catching collections, which reflect the unique sense of the most influential names of fashion and lifestyle, met with the magical touch of GLAMIRA... Join the latest trends with these passionately crafted collections and feel stylish!

Tropical Collection

Inspired by palms along white sand beaches, exotic birds, and the longing for a romantic evening by the sea with a coconut and straw in hand, GLAMIRA created a unique collection that puts you right in the summer mood and will invoke images of gentle waves and a cool summer breeze.

    Your lifetime companions… May your wedding rings represent never-ending cycle of love and prosperity by having them engraved with a message of your choice.


    Engaging somebody is supposed to be born on the left ring finger which is believed to be the vein of love. In this way, the couple believed to be joined at the heart. Indicate your devotion with a lifetime engagement ring!

  • Women’S Jewellery

    women’s jewellery
    Glamira is the right place for elegant and smart women to find the widest range of high-quality women’s jewellery for their precious selves.

  • Men’S Jewellery

    Men’S Jewellery
    Glamira offers a new definition of style, smartness and delicacy for men’s jewellery. Men who are very fond of their appearance will find everything they need to look attractive.